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Scorchio! How come the Spanish look so cool in the summer?

Ever wondered how the locals always look totally cool and unflustered even when basking in summer temperatures? Expats and long time holiday –makers know the tricks and as one of our new neighbours at Serena Garden explained ‘keeping cool is an art, and something miles easier when you live here full time, you simply don’t have that ‘must get out to the pool to work on a tan’ pressure!’ Our top tips are:

1. Enjoy the morning, early summer mornings are gorgeous, much, much cooler and a great time for that morning stroll a coffee or even a run or bike ride.

2. Plan any housework late morning, then after you’re finished a few lengths in the pool?

3. Eat in the shade, if you watch the locals they’ll never take the table in the sun sweltering while eating is not a good mix!

4. Plan any shopping during the peak hot hours! Sounds counter productive but the giant shopping malls and supermarkets stay open all day and have icy cold air conditioning.

5. Head for the beach/pool after 4pm-the late afternoons are the most wonderful time to enjoy the sun.

6. Never go to bed without cooling off- a cold(ish) shower lowers your body temperature before your air conditioning can take the strain.

7. The evening promenade-isn’t it lovely to stroll along the sea front after dinner –great for your digestion and a cooler time to enjoy a walk.

8. Ice packs-great way to cool off while your reading or browsing on your tablet.

9. Hats, cool clothing and open toed footwear-sounds obvious but dress for the climate and with all the amazing choices in Spain fashion and style shouldn’t suffer either.

10. Finally stay hydrated –plenty of water and don’t wait to feel thirsty before you drink.

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