Financial security: The Unique Serena Garden buying procedure

In compliance with Spanish law, builders must provide guarantees for the safety of their customers’ money during the construction of their new villa and a 10 year structural guarantee.

At Serena garden we transfer the title to the land with its planning permits when you make your initial payment so that you own the plot right from the start.

After this we only invoice you for payment of each stage of construction after the work has been completed and signed-off as satisfactory by the site architect.

Your money is therefore safe at all times.  This is the buying procedure:

You reserve the plot and villa with a deposit of 6000€ including VAT.


You sign a Purchase Contract (Contrato de Compra-venta) which sets out the price of the villa and plot and the payment schedule (see below).


We advise you to hire a Spanish Lawyer (Abogado) who can advise you on this contract. Your Lawyer will also obtain the necessary Foreigner’s Identity Number (NIE) for you and normally signs the deeds on your behalf using a Power of Attorney.


You pay 40% of the agreed price plus 10% IVA/VAT and we transfer the title to the plot of land with its planning permission to you by Title Deed (Escriturapublica de Compra-venta) which is signed by your Lawyer before a Spanish Notary and you are registered as the owner in the Spanish Land Registry.


We then obtain the building license for your villa (this takes about 4 to 6 weeks) and build the Foundations. Once this work has been completed we will invoice you for 20% of the price.This is paid by you or by your mortgage bank.



Once the structure and roof of the villa have been completed we will invoice you for a further 20% of the price which is paid by you or the mortgage bank.

When the villa is completed, you (or the mortgage bank) pay the final 20% and your title deed will be adjusted to show that your villa has now been built on the land in the Spanish Land Register.

Your Lawyer will ensure that you are registered with the local Town Hall and will contract Water, Electricity and drainage while you move-in.